26 February 2011


Michael and I technically got engaged twice, with a break up in between.

The first time, was not ideal.  Michael asked me to pick out a ring.  In my excitement I went ahead and bought it because I had the money to.  Michael wouldn't let me wear it until he "proposed" although I wasn't really all that concerned with a real proposal, I just wanted to marry Michael.  He however wanted to do things "right".  I got impatient however, and kept bugging him, wondering when he was going to finally ask me.  We got into a fight one afternoon, and he threw a pile of clothes at me.  He hid a heart box with the ring in it inside the clothes. He asked me to fold the clothes, and so I started doing it, yelling at him that I wasn't a slave or anything, and found the box.  Then he told me that he loved me even when we were fighting and that he wanted to marry me.

The 2nd time, was actually the 3rd time asking, the first time I turned him down because I felt he was only doing it because we had just found out we were pregnant with James.  The next time was before we decided to conceive Jade.  It was more of a conversation really, a "we should probably get married now."  We set a date, and got pregnant a lot sooner than we had planned with her though and got married several months before we planned.  We had our wedding on the original day we had planned on though.

I'll write about our impromptu wedding in the next post I make.