01 December 2009


For some reason I just tend to end up stressed in the holiday times.  Money is definitely an issue, but so is traveling and having to manage our time between two families making sure everyone gets equal amounts of time. We also attempt to get our family pictures done during the end of the year.  I'm starting to get stressed that we still have not gotten our pictures done.  We still need to find James a nice white long shirt before we can go and get them done.  We finally have the outfits all worked out except that one.

We also have a  lot of appointments in the next two week.   Michael is going tomorrow morning to get a free live tree to military members and Jade has a Dr.'s appt for her speech, and then on the 8th is my 6 week post partum and then on the 9th we have a DEERS appointment to put Willow in there, and then we'll have to go down to Tricare and make sure she stays on Prime.  Not that we'll be using it much.  I no longer have any faith in Dr.'s really.  I wouldn't be taking Jade if I didn't really believe there's something wrong with her speech.  We have school until the 18th and then we're off until January 4th.  Then we have no more breaks until the end of the year.  They are doing so well in it too.  James is excelling at reading and writing in cursive and Jade is having a little trouble with writing but is reading very well.  She started before she even turned 4.  I am amazed that my little girl could read before the age of 4 (of course that was around the same time I learned to read).

So, my goal for this holiday season to to try and keep my cool, and not stress because it really doesn't help anything!