24 July 2012

First Midwife Visit

I had my visit with Christine on the 17th of July, the day before I drove down to FL.  It was good, we went over the basics, I got my pregnancy and postpartum binder with all its great info and we talked finances.

We did all the initial fun stuff, weight, nutrition, and Christine went over the labs I picked up from the hospital to give to her.  All looks well on that front too. :)

I have my next appointment in 5 weeks.

I'm almost 9 weeks now and still exhausted, and still nauseous.  I'm hoping the nausea will go away soon because I cannot function like this.  Sigh.

02 July 2012

I've been meaning to post....

I have, I swear I have, but it's been hard, I've just been soooo exhausted.

I did want to take some time to document my OB intake appointment.  It went pretty much how I expected. There was a lot of talk about Trinity hospital.  I did not mention that I was planning a homebirth, or that my primary care giver for my pregnancy would be my midwife.  I wish that hospitals were more receptive to women's options, and that's why I advocate, but it's an unfortunate truth that they are not receptive.

I went and got blood drawn, and gave my urine sample and talked to beneficiaries too, and all in all the whole thing took about an hour.  I have my first actual OB appointment on July 12, I'll be 7 weeks then. The week after that I'm going to FL, and I'll be scheduling my first midwife appointment with Christine for when I get back in the beginning of August.