13 February 2011

First Phone Call

I think Michael and I had been dating for a few days when he caught up with me as I was leaving to my bus.  He asked me if he could call me sometime.  I of course told him yes, and as I was walking away realized that I had not yet given him my phone number, and so I yelled at him to wait, didn't he need my number?

He told me no, that he already had it.  He called me that night, and I asked him how he got my number, and he told me that Cassie had given it to him, only he couldn't remember her name, so he called her the mommy or something like that.

Cassie informed me when I talked to her the next day, that Michael had also forgotten my name.  I tease him all the time about it, he asked Cassie for the number of the girl he was dating. She had to remind him what my name was. I should probably have been offended or upset about the fact that he forgot my name the first week we were dating, but honestly, I thought it was cute.

That should have been my first clue that this man was going to steal my heart.