16 February 2011

First Date

Michael and I decided to go to the movies on our first date.  We went to see In and Out.  Very funny movie.  I believe at this point we'd been dating for a whole 2 weeks.  Big for me, seeing as how Michael was my first boyfriend.  I'd made it 2 weeks without him deciding I wasn't worth it.  We'd been talking on the phone all the time at this point, learning more about each other.  We had a lot of similar interests, in pop culture anyways.

So my Mom dropped us off at the theater, and let me know when she was going to pick us up.  We went in, and got popcorn and candy, and then sat down in the back of the theater.  I think we watched about half the movie, holding hands before Michael hit himself in the head with his other hand and said something under his breath.

I looked over at him and asked him what was wrong.  He mumbled again, and I said "huh"? I'd heard something like "Can I---you?  So he looked straight at me, and asked, "Can I kiss you?"  I nodded, and I think made a sound that maybe sounded like yes.  He leaned in and kissed me.  That wasn't my first kiss, but I was still inexperienced.  I'd only kissed one other person before, and that one was, well not what I had been expecting.  This one was, just amazing.  Everything you'd want first kisses to be.  We spent most of the rest of the movie kissing.  Except for the funny parts, where I almost choked on tongue because of the locker room scene in the movie.  Laughing and french kissing do not case you were ever wondering. :)