26 June 2011

For people entirely too interested in my reproductive system.

To let you know, Michael has been home a whole 2 1/2 months now and we are NOT PREGNANT! :)  For those who may have been wondering, we are well aware of how conception happens and so you may look forward to many more updates informing you of our un-pregnant state....unless of course we change our minds and decide to have more kids.

Have a great day!

18 June 2011

The father's in my life.

I don't think my husband realizes just how much I appreciate or love him.  I'm sure he has some idea, but the massive amounts of love and respect I feel for him, is just indescribable.  I always knew that Michael would be an amazing father some day, and he's proven it true a million times over.  My kids couldn't be luckier to have him as a father.  Michael is sweet, compassionate, tough when needed, loving, understanding, more patient than I could ever be, and so much more.  I don't think he even knows his own worth.

That man can drive me up the wall one minute and have me busting out laughing the next.  He's one of the few people who can genuinely cheer me up out of a horrible mood without even trying, just by being near me.  He's seen me through so much in my life.  I couldn't ask for a better husband or father for my children.  He helps, with everything.  He doesn't stand back and just let me raise our children, he's an active participant and he wants to be.  There is no nagging for help with the kids, he wants to be there, enjoying every second of their childhood with them, with us, as a family.  I have been so blessed.

My daddy was an amazing father too.  He wasn't perfect, and as a person he's had many faults.  I cannot possibly see them all as my memory of him is from a young girl's views only, but the one thing I do know is that he always made time for me.  I have very few bad memories when it came to him.  He read to me, talked with me, played with me.  I can remember so many times being with him and knowing I had his undivided attention solely on me.  Yes, I was quite a bit spoiled, but not monetarily, we didn't have a lot of money, but by attention and love.  My father loved me, he was proud of me, and I never had a second in my life where I've ever doubted that, and for that I am lucky.

Bill, my second father, and grandfather to my children is also wonderful.  I wasn't very receptive to him at first, and I feel some pain for that, but if you look at the above description of how I view my biological father than you'd see why but I came around.  Bill is also my father, and I love him as one.  I know that he also loves me as a daughter.  I have no doubts of that.  Bill also had a tendency to spoil me.  I like men who do that. Bill helped our broken family and made it whole at a time we needed that.  He's always been there for my mother and I, and we've been through a lot.  I am extremely thankful that God put Bill in our life, and I hope he knows how much I love and appreciate everything he's done for me, and my mother.  I have been blessed in not only having one, but two fathers who I love, and who love me.

Now what can I say about Grampy?  I love him.  He's fun to be around, and I love listening to his stories.  I miss getting to spend time at his house, spending time with him and Grammy and my cousins.Grampy is getting older now, and I worry about him, but again I was blessed in having amazing male role models in my life.  Grampy is no exception.  My grampy is caring man and has always been willing to help anyone he can to the best of his ability.  He loves his family and we love him too.

I have been so blessed by my family, biological and chosen.  These men, these father's have helped to shape who I am today, and I can only hope they realize how important each of them are to me, and how loved they are, by their family also.

I love you Michael, Daddy, Bill and Grampy!

Happy Father's Day!

09 June 2011

Let's talk about hate

I'm so tired of seeing hate, in the news, on facebook, in real life.

I'm tired of being hated because I'm Christian.  I try and show nothing but love to people, regardless on if I even like the person, but I'm hated in return by some.  I face criticism because of a small minority of people who do not actually live a Christian lifestyle but claim to be Christian, and suddenly they have apparently tainted the religion with a false image.  I don't claim to be perfect.  I sin, I fail to live a Christian life sometimes.  Sometimes I let the world rule me, but I try.  Every day I recommit myself to the best of my ability to Christ, and to living the way He would want me to live.  I give what I can to people who need it, I show love and compassion as much as I am capable, and I try and teach my kids the same.  It hurts sometimes that people cannot separate what they think they know about Christians, to what the religion is really about.

I'm tired of being hated because I am a republican.  I don't always agree with all republicans.  Sometimes the republicans in congress and the senate have some really stupid ideas.  They are just regular people after all.  However, when it comes down to it, I agree with the basic platform that republicans stand for.  I believe in a small federal government, one that is there to protect our country from outside invasion and to handle disputes that make it to the federal level.  I believe in state power, in the fact that all states are unique, as are the people who live in them.  I believe in the right to choose.  I am pro-life, I will NEVER say I am pro-choice, however, I will not take the choice away.  I want the right to choose if I'm going to vaccinate my children or not without the gov't telling me what THEY think I should do.  I want the right to teach my own children at home, without the gov't telling me I am unable.  I believe in taking care of our military, and keeping it strong and healthy in order to protect our country, or the people in other countries when needed.  I'm tired of hearing we're war-mongering or that we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.  People there were dying, women had no rights, at all.  They weren't even allowed to go to school.  Now, dictators aren't killing their own people, and women have those rights to an education.  How is this a bad thing?  Please explain it to me?  Liberals say they are all for civil rights, but then turn around and say we should have stayed out of those countries.  If we had, then women would still have no rights, and Saddam would still be killing thousands of his people.  Remember what happened the last time we ignored genocide?  But us conservatives, who think we should be there, should be helping these countries (and seriously, if it was for the oil, why are the gas prices so high still?) are calling war-mongers, and hate provokers.  I honestly just don't get it.

I'm tired of being hated and called names because I don't accept all lifestyles.  I've never told someone that they had to be a different way.  I've never treated someone differently because they didn't live the life I do. Yes, I probably won't be really super close friends with you if you're a vastly different religion and live a lifestyle I don't believe in living, but I'm not going to call you names, or harass you, or hate you.  I'll still treat you as I do everyone else, with respect and love.

Honestly, there are bad people, and extremists in everything, there are extremist liberals, Christians, conservatives, any lifestyle, or belief you can think of has its extremists.  We need to stop clumping people together.  I don't believe the terrorists are Muslims, and I don't believe Muslims are evil, the terrorists are not good people though, but I can distinguish them from Muslims.  I think more people need to practice that.  Not all Christians are bad, just because you've met a few who were "pushy, hypocritical, weird, abrasive, etc".  Oh, and everyone is hypocritical at some point, it's just inevitable.  It's why the saying, don't throw stones at glass houses is appropriate for everyone.  Yes, I'm Christian, no I don't always act like it, why? Because I'm only human, please don't judge me for that and I won't judge you for being a heathen.

Legal disclaimer:  This is MY blog, MY opinion and if you don't like it you have the right to disregard anything I'm saying, or even better, not reading it.

God Bless and have a GREAT day! :)