23 February 2012

I know I know!

I'm a bad blog poster.

Although I do have two blog ideas, so you'll be getting two updates here soon, well, this one and another, well possibly one more.

I'll reserve this one for what's been going on in the past month since I'm a horrible blogger and have left everyone hanging for an entire month!

We finally have our new house, we moved to another neighborhood and into a bigger house.  I'm happy to have more space, and things are definitely looking up in this house.  I don't wake up sick every morning, which is a plus, but I'm still dealing with the CFS.  I've been trying hard to keep up with all the housework and I finally have the school room set up, so at least James is getting to do his work as we are still working on finding all of Jade's school work which has gone missing in the massive amount of boxes.

Today I'm feeling very blah, and a little under-appreciated.  I feel like people around me don't think I try hard enough, and that I fail myself constantly.  I need to get out of this blah mood.  I've been off and on reading my Bible this morning, and that's helped some, but I'm human so I'm failing miserably.

I think this Mommy needs a break.  Well, there's some pics of my new house, which you may not be able to see if you're not on my facebook....if you can't well, you can attempt a friend's request, and I may or may not add you. :)