27 August 2010

First Week of School!

We had our first week of school.  We are doing reviews mostly, but it's going well!  They know all the material right now, so I'm hoping we'll get to some new and interesting things soon before they get bored.

I think next week, when we start the seatwork they won't be bored, because they'll have a lot more to do.  They are both still very excited about school, and they are actually learning the basics of multiplication!  I'm glad that they are excited and are staying that way!

Oh and I'm loving the Bible curriculum!

19 August 2010

1st Grade

Okay, so we were planning on starting school on the 30th, but per the kids request we will be starting school next Monday.  They have been asking daily this past week when we are going to start school so I figured it was time to start.  This is why I write everything in my lesson planner in pencil.

I'm still planning on waiting to start Steven until the 30th, and then he'll only do his workbooks 3 days a week, and the other two he'll color or play or "read" while the older kids are doing their work.

Willow is still working on walking.  She is attempting to stand on her own now, she'll stand up on things, and then let go for a couple of seconds.  No steps away yet though.  She's able to say "hi", "bye" and "nigh nigh" (night, night), and wave when she does it.  SOO cute!  Oh, and the dancing!  She dances!  I LOVE it!

I"m looking forward to Halloween now too.  I have James and Jade, and possibly Willow covered.  Just need to see if James's old army outfit will fit on Steven, and then everyone is covered.  Except maybe Michael and I.

I have also decided to start buying birthday and Christmas presents.  I have to think of what to get Willow and Jade first, we're having their party on November 6th.  Then Steven is going to have his party on the 27th (his birthday actually) with his cousin (for the purpose of explanation, and of sorts) Hailey.  Her birthday is on the 28th, so we're going to combine them!  I'm looking forward to it!

The end of this year feels like it's going to go by fast, it's not too long until R&R, then we'll have Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years!  Then the rest of the deployment ought to go by really fast right???  Here's hoping!

I can't believe how much older the kids will be when Michael is finally able to come home!  It's just crazy!

Well, when we start school I'll be making another post, to talk about our first day of 1st grade!

08 August 2010

There's a wall

In deployments there's a wall.  A wall that you hit at some point in the deployment where you just want to give up and let yourself wallow in self pity.  I'm there, with everything that's happened in the past week it just pushed me into the wall, literally into it is where I feel I am.  Inside the wall and unable to move or do anything at all.

I want my husband.  I miss him more than words can explain.  I know I can live my life without him, not easily, but I can, but he's my best friend.  So many times I've just wanted to pick up a phone and call him and let him know what's going on, or because I've thought of something funny I want to tell him and I can't because he's overseas.  Then I saw a post on facebook about one of the guys from his old unit died in Afghanistan.  Last night I had a dream too, that he died.

I think the worst thing however was that a week ago Willow went into the hospital for an unknown reason.  They were talking about all kind of scary things and they treated us, at Eisenhower badly, because she's not vaccinated.  At least at MCG she was treated with more respect than she was here on post.  She's doing much better now though.

I just really want my husband, it was very scary this past week.  I did however have some amazing neighbors.  They watched the kids even though it was an inconvenience to them.  I am blessed to have some great friends and neigbhors!