06 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Michael always makes such a bigger deal out of this day than I do.  Normally I could care less about this day.  I used to care more about it, when I was younger, but really, as I've gotten older, I don't care as much about receiving things.  I would much prefer little signs of love on a daily basis than large signs of love only on gift giving occasions.

However, I do get those little signs of love, and then sometimes, like today, Michael blows me out of the water with his kindness, generosity and all around loving manner!

He picked out a Nook for me, and accessories to go with it.  It's joint Valentine's Day/anniversary present (which I had to convince him of because he was going to get something else for our anniversary).  Then, even though it was late for him, he stayed on the computer, with the kids so I could get a shower while they were distracted by him.

Now, he has his laptop set up in front of their TV so I can, kind of, see the superbowl.  He's not even watching it, he doesn't even like football, but he made sure to call me as soon as he knew it was on just so I could watch it from his TV.

That man loves me! :)