19 February 2011

Speech Therapy

My first experience with speech therapy was with Jade.  She had a problem with words starting with s, she would forget the s.  She didn't go very long, after I worked with her for a couple of weeks, she started using the s sound.  Jade has always been a quick learner though.  She started walking and talking at 9 months old.  By a year old she was using 2-3 word sentences, and then by 16 months old was talking in complete sentences.  I mention this only to show how advanced she is.

Compared to Steven, there is a HUGE gap.  Going from Jade to Steven gave me slight anxiety.  Steven didn't walk until he was 14 months old, and didn't say his first word until he was around 18 months old.  There was very little language development following, until he was closer to 2 1/2.  He is smart, and receptively has no problems, but he just didn't talk.  From 2 1/2-3 he started talking in 2-3 word sentences and then now, just as he's turned 3 he's finally using full sentences, and becoming more coherent.

So, because I went from Jade to Steven, I was understandably a little concerned.  I know from my early childhood education courses that Steven was okay, academically, but I don't know as much about speech.  I convinced his Dr to give me a referral, and yesterday he had his speech evaluation.  He scored "normal" in everything, even in articulation and language, but he does have a slight lisp, which may or may not be caused by the fact that he refuses to give up his thumb.

So we'll be going once a week to speech to work on his lisp, and to see if he can score a little higher (as he was on the lower side of normal).  I really liked the speech therapist, she was really nice and awesome, and Steven was starting to warm up to her, I think this will help him a lot, and I think he'll enjoy having something that's for him, and not for the older two children.