08 February 2011

I think it's funny.

I am sick, so if this is rambling, or doesn't make sense, please excuse me.  I'm tired of people assuming I'm a tree-hugging liberal hippy just because I have decided that living a natural is a better way to live. I have decided instead to trust in God to be the influence in my life, rather than trusting in man's overwhelming influences in the world. 

God created my body to grow life, to protect it in my womb, to birth the baby with no help, not even from me, and to nurture my child at my breast.  God didn't make a mistake when he created all this, so who am I to say that he didn't know what he was doing and instead trust man who says I shouldn't trust my own body and instincts?  Why is this world so keen on telling women that their own instincts are wrong, that they can't trust their bodies to do what they are MADE to do?

So many things can go wrong.  That's the main argument.  Yep, so many things can go wrong, especially when you trust in man to tell you how to birth instead of trusting in God, and the perfectness he created.  Our bodies, even if we were unconscious would birth a child.  Let go of your fear, trust in the way your body was made, and allow your body to work.  

Again, I trust my immune system the way God made it.  Vaccines SUPPRESS the immune system for a short time after being vaccinated.  You are at a higher risk of getting sick after getting vaccinated.  I think maybe there is something wrong there.

I am going BACK to the way GOD wanted for us.  I am trusting in HIS infinite wisdom in how he created our bodies.  I trust that he gives people wisdom to help, when needed, but I think too many people rely too much on man's wisdom and not God's.  We are plagued by so many new diseases and problems in our world now, and they started about the time that we stopped trusting in God's perfectness and instead in man's "knowledge".  

I am conservative.  I am NOT a liberal tree-hugging hippy.  I think that family values are important, I think that children need two parents, with one at home taking care of them.  I believe that I can teach my kids, who I know completely better than someone who only gets them for one year.  I believe that God has created my body to give birth, to nurture and to heal, naturally.  I believe that God created our complex yet perfect bodies the way they SHOULD be, from birth.  

I believe we should start trusting more in God again.  I think we should have more personal responsibility.  I think natural consequences are a necessity in learning.  I believe I deserve to keep what I earn, and should have the choice of what to give to others.  

Mostly I'm tired of hearing that the only people who could trust in their bodies are new aged hippies.

Oh and a disclaimer for those who might get offended: These are my opinions, and are a general sweeping statement, I do take into consideration lifestyles that may not fit the mold of what I think is "right" and still like you, on a case by case basis. :)  I even like some liberal people!