20 February 2011


Jumping back in the timeline, as our first dance was before I left school.  My first homecoming was awesome.  I had a date, and I went there with my best friend and her, at the time boyfriend, who was also a good friend of mine (still is).

I wish I knew where a picture of it was so I could add it.  I have a couple in my huge box of pictures, but I won't be going through that at the moment.

So, I don't remember a whole lot of that night.  I know that Jessica came over to my house, we finished getting ready together until the boys showed up, Mikey and Thomas.  My dress was a light blue clingy dress, long, with little darker blue flower designs on it.  We got to the hotel for the dance and met up with all our friends.  All of us girls danced together a lot, and even though I had my own chair I think I used Mikey's lap mostly for a seat. :)

Dancing with him was hot, although a little awkward because of our heights.  I think Michael was already 6' and I was still probably 4'10-4'11.  I had so much fun with him though.  Michael's always been fun, he knows how to have a good time, and he's silly.  

Anytime I'm in a bad mood he knows just what to say to make me smile, or laugh.  He reminds me not to take everything as seriously as I normally do.  He really is just the best person for me.