19 August 2013


We've made it safe and sound and have got our 5 bedroom house and are settling into the swing of things again!  Yay!

I'm trying to make like minded friends, I get to see my best friend almost every day and watch her amazing baby, and my husband is home.  I'm not sure I could be much happier at the moment.

My Mom is in the hospital though, continuing to have medical issues, and I'm having some of my own.  They found calcium deposits on my brain where they aren't supposed to, or more than they are supposed to be, and they aren't sure what is causing them.  It's causing some neurological issues though and it sucks.

But, like I said, I'm happy and I'm enjoying what I have right now, and that's a lot.  God has blessed me beyond belief and I thank Him completely for everything.  <3 p="">