02 October 2012

I meant to be posting about all my visits

I really wanted to post about all my visits with my midwife, so that people could have an understanding of what went on, and how it's different then visiting with an OB (because it's WAY different) but I've been pretty sick the past couple of months between nausea and exhaustion.

I'm 19 weeks tomorrow, almost to the half way point!  Yay!  I'm finally feeling mostly better although the exhaustion is still plaguing me.  My back is also starting to cause problems, and I'll need to see my chiropractor soon, but I keep putting it off because I just hate getting out.

I had my last visit with my midwife September 18th.  It went well.  My midwife and both of her assistants were there.  We talked about nutrition, and how to try and get more calories in me, since I've been unable to eat enough calories in a day.  I haven't been losing weight, but my weight gain is also slower than either of us would like.  I did my urine test, which showed that I had blood in my urine, have for the past couple of months, but I have no infection, which my hospital doctor tested for when I went in there for a check up.

We talked about how I'm sleeping and feeling, and she took my blood pressure, measured my uterus and we listened to the baby's heart beat which was 156 bpm.  My next visit is on October 18th, and I'll be almost 21 weeks then.

I have my mid term ultrasound at the hospital on October 25th, and then on the 26th I'm heading down to FL.  I'll be down there until November 19th.  I'm excited to be going home.  When I get back here, I'll be almost 26 weeks.  Time always goes by faster down there too, so my 3rd trimester will be coming up fast then!

I'm feeling a lot of movement with this baby.  It started early too, around 15 weeks this time with flutters, kicks starting right before I made it to 17 weeks.  Now I'm getting some pretty good kick/punches and turns.  It's awesome.  I love feeling the baby move around inside me.

On a non-pregnancy related note Michael is up for reenlistment.  He's going to reenlist to go to Fort Campbell, Ky.  I'm anxious to get a report date, but he's been unable to meet with anyone yet.  I'm hoping it'll be soon though, because I'd like to know what's going on.  (I know, I know totally unrealistic considering it's the army).