10 November 2010

We took the plunge

and the younger kids are getting vaccinated.  Well, at least Willow is.

Steven is still waiting for his allergen appt to see what he is allergic to.  Michael and I discussed this subject, a lot.  A LOT.  Neither of us is comfortable with vaccinating, I think there are too many risks in the vaccinations, vs the risk of them getting the disease, or what would happen should they get the disease.  However, there is the chance Michael would get stationed overseas, and then their risk of getting the vaccine-preventable diseases would be raised.  That is the ONLY reason we have decided to get them completely vaccinated.  Although, I still think the chicken pox vaccine is stupid.

I wish I could avoid putting those toxins in my children, but I think it'll be better to do it, then risk not being able to be with Michael later.

So, Steven has received DTaP, Hib and polio, and Willow has gotten DTap and PCV.

Willow will get more when we get back from vacation, but Steven, like I said is allergic to something in the vaccines, so we will decide more on what to do with him once we find out what he's allergic to.

08 November 2010

Fall back

Yesterday, Sunday November 7, 2010 was not a fun day.  Usually I'm excited about gaining an hour of sleep, however that day was the day we had to take Michael to the airport so he could go back to Afghanistan.  The day went pretty well, and it didn't hit me as hard as it normally does, with him leaving.  Minimal tears.  I don't know if I should be happy or glad that I didn't break down like I did last time.  Don't get me wrong, I have my moments of sheer terror at the thought of him flying back in, but last time, when he went back to Iraq, I started bawling the moment I walked into the townhome.  Michael had changed everything in our home, and while it had started out as *my* home, while he was there those 15 days he had made it into *our* home.  His presence was everywhere, and it hurt so bad to have to come back home to our home, and for him not to be there.  I wonder if the difference is that this was our home before we left, and so it was still our home when he came for R&R.  It's possible I guess.  We are on the downward slide, which is awesome though, and I'm looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I've got some things to concentrate on during November and December to help time seem to move faster, but I'm concerned about the rest of the time.  OPSEC will not allow me to write when he's coming home, and if you're wondering what OPSEC is, well in Army terms, it's not telling troop movements, in an effort to keep them safe.  I won't give out dates, times or anything like that.  I can say Michael will be home in spring, but I can't tell you which month in the spring he'll be home.

The main things I have to help pass time once January rolls around is that James will be in scouts still, on Monday nights, and I signed Jade up for cheer/dance.  I think she'll have fun in it.  I'm going to miss the parent meeting, but eh, oh well.  The coach will call me with when they meet, and here's hoping that it won't be on Monday nights.

As for today, we're doing really well time wise.  James and Jade got up at 6:30 am and played quietly in their room, and Willow woke up for her morning nursing.  She went back to sleep at 6:45 and I got up and got a shower.   We did the Bible portion of school last night, so this morning at 7am, I got the kids working on their seat work.  James is now done, Jade is just about done, and they are eating breakfast as I speak, and they are almost done with that.  I have hopes that we may just finish school before lunch time.  Willow will probably go down for a nap in about an hour and half to 2 hours from now, and then the kids will hopefully be done by 12:30-1pm.  Then we'll just hang out around the house, or possibly play outside for a little bit.  It's been chilly, but we've had pretty nice days.  Lots of sunshine.  I am looking forward to going home to FL though, where it's warmer!  It's funny how much I hate the cold, and yet I want to go live in Alaska for 3 years.  But it's GORGEOUS there!  So beautiful!  I think I could endure 3 years of cold and snow for the beauty that's there.  I really want to get a lot of pictures of the mountains, and the whales we could see.  Plus the housing there looks really awesome, and they have 5 bedroom houses, so hopefully we could get a house that is a better size for us, than what we have here.

We are stuck here, for another 2 years, and then Michael can reenlist (which he will) and then we'll probably reenlist needs of the army.  I'm not sure where I'm going to want to request to go, (not that we'll get it) but I'm afraid to go too far away because of my Mom.  I wish we could get Patrick, but I doubt that it will ever happen.  I was thinking Stewart, because that post is only 5 hours from home, but in a way, I would just love to go further west.  I wouldn't mind going up north some, but really, I've never been to the middle of the country and I think it would be cool to see more of our diverse country than just the two coasts.  Really, I just hope we get stationed somewhere that they have easy homeschooling laws.

Well, the kids are almost done with breakfast so I should probably start mine and end this!

04 November 2010

November 4th

With Michael here for R&R I have been bad about keeping up with the elections.  I am not too happy with Rick Scott winning gov. of FL, but I wouldn't have been happy with Sink either, I voted for the independent.

As for everything else, and the point of this blog.  I'm proud of the American people for standing up!  Pelosi is out!  I'm also amused by the reference of "ding dong the wicked witch is dead"!  I don't understand the people who voted her in!  The worst times we had during Bush's years as president were while the dems had control of congress!

My thoughts on this, because dems are for bigger gov't, more gov't control on EVERYTHING, is why?  I hear so many dems talking about how corrupt the politicians are, then WHY do you want them to be in MORE control??  That will only corrupt them even more than they already are!  We need less gov't control, freer capitalistic markets, and did I mention LESS government control?  I don't need the government to tell me how to make my money, how to spend it, how to birth, raise or educate my children!  The more control you give them on the little things, the more control they are going to take on the bigger things.

I also do not want to pay for other people to not work.  I am a charitable person, I tithe, I donate, I however do not want to be FORCED into supporting someone who just doesn't feel like they have to work because why should they?  They get everything for free not working.  I also do not want to pay for other people's health care.  There is a difference between allowing access to quality health care that you then pay for, and getting your health care paid for.  If you want "free" (cause nothing is EVER free) health care, go find a recruiter and join the military.  Give to your country, lose some of your freedoms to protect the American people, and then you'll have free healthcare.  You'll have a stable job.

What ever happened to working hard to support yourself?  When did this country start thinking that certain things were rights?  It is not your right to receive anything free.  We have the right to work for what we have, to pursue happiness, but it is not guaranteed for you, and the right to live your life in any way you please as long as it doesn't unduly affect other people.

You don't have the right to have others pay for your house, your food, your medical bills, or anything else for you.  If you need help, then ask charitable people, but you shouldn't honestly just expect others to do for you.

Most people want to help others, but so many of us are not okay with being forced into it.

And there is my rant for this morning.