07 April 2011


Okay, I'm sure by now many people know my views on politics.  I consider myself a republican, I made that decision when I was 9 years old thanks to my awesome gifted teacher.  I evaluate my views every couple of years and I try and stay informed of all candidates running for office so that I can vote in confidence.  I have consistently voted my party, with the exception of the most recent Florida governor who I take no credit for.

I just want to say that I am completely and totally ashamed of our elected officials at the moment.  October is the start of the fiscal year, the federal budget should be settled by October, I realize we don't have any money, but that's an entirely different rant then the one I'm doing now.  I've seen many rants and read many upset blurbs about this already and I've found it necessary to put my own words out there too.

This affects me personally since my husband is military.  My husband and I make sacrifices for this country. My husband is currently deployed, and is risking his life for this country, and missing out on his family and us, his family, our sacrifice is not having a husband and a father while he's out there risking his life for this country. My husband is doing his job, he does what he's told to do and is a great soldier, but come this next payday we may not see any money.  Like I stated above, I am a republican, I believe in working hard, and keeping the money you earn.  I don't complain about the amount my husband earns, but I will complain if he doesn't get said earned money.  I will complain when people on welfare, who are NOT working will get money when my husband who IS working will not.  Michael and I are lucky to have some savings, so while yes, we will not be hurting if we don't get paid I know many who cannot claim this, and if we didn't still have some of our tax return available (we still have a loan to pay off) then we would be in a jam.

I am ashamed of both parties right now, in their inability to come to some sort of compromise, and make sure our hardworking soldiers get paid.  So many people I know personally are stressed and it makes me sad.  I'm trying not to stress until the 15th and I find out if we get paid, but I cannot believe that congress deserves to get paid while our soldiers do not, especially when it seems to me like maybe they are incapable of actually doing their jobs.  My husband will still be required to do his job whether or not we're paid for it.