09 April 2011

The Love Dare Day 25

Today's dare was to forgive our spouse for something.  I have nothing to forgive Michael for, but I used to hold grudges.  Early on in our relationship I had found out that Michael and lied to me about something big, and then I found out about more lies.  It destroyed my trust in him and caused a lot of issues as our relationship progressed.  I held on to the pain and I didn't forgive him for it even though I said I did.  I think I held onto the grudge for about 3-4 years and it ate at me until finally I had to decide to either forgive him or let him go.  I decided that forgiving him was the best option and so I did.  It was hard, to just let go of all the pain that he had caused me, but I prayed to God to help me work through that pain and God is awesome and God answers prayers.  I won't say it was easy but I know He played a part in my ability to forgive.  It's made our relationship stronger, and Michael doesn't lie to me anymore, and has rebuilt my trust in him.