15 April 2011

Planned Parenthood

Let's just be clear right away.  I think Nancy Pelosi is an idiot.

She's speaking in the above link, asking the question, "Do women think?"  Well YES, I do!

There is NO reason the federal government needs to be funding Planned Parenthood.  It IS double dipping.  Low income families can go to health departments and get low cost, or even no cost contraceptives, or maybe that's just Florida.  In fact, the health department is probably the main reason I didn't get pregnant in high school. Michael and I couldn't afford condoms so Michael would go to the health dept. and get a huge bag full for FREE.....hmm.

You could go there and get low cost pap smears, breast exams and birth control pills.  So, um, why are we funding planned parenthood for this when we're already funding the health departments?  Yes, I think, I think we're WASTING money on a program created by a woman who wanted to ELIMINATE minorities through birth control and abortions.

So yes, Nancy Pelosi I think.  I am a PROUD republican and I PROUDLY practice family planning without EVER needing a planned parenthood.  I didn't even need them when I DIDN'T have health insurance.  Guess what I did, it was an amazing concept, I PAID for my birth control pills, OUT OF POCKET, on my $200 a week paycheck......

I think that planned parenthood is a drain on our federal money, and I think we shouldn't stand behind a program that was created to eliminate minorities (hey isn't this usually NOT a GOP stance?)  I boycott Girl Scouts because they support planned parenthood.

Imagine that, paying for something you need......

But then again, Nancy Pelosi says that I don't think women think......based on my party affiliation.  I'm thinking (gasp) that I just may just have a higher IQ then her.....