13 April 2011

The Love Dare Day 29

Today's dare is to pray for our spouse, for their needs and to demonstrate our love for them tangibly.  I haven't yet decided how I will demonstrate my love, but praying for Michael will be easy.  I try and do that every day anyways.

As I only have 11 days left of the Love Dare I've been feeling very grateful for what I've learned through this.  I've always felt that being in a relationship and being in love isn't just about that fuzzy warm feeling you feel at the beginning of a relationship, it's a daily commitment to the person you've chosen.  Love goes through phases, and eventually you're not going to have the gleeful, giggly love, eventually it becomes deeper and more heartfelt.  Michael and I have that deeper devotion for each other and I can look back at our early relationship and be happy for our beginning love, but grateful that while we aren't like we were back then, we are still committed to each other and still in love with each other.  I am secure in knowing that just like I do him, Michael chooses to love me every day too.