20 April 2011


For those who may not know redeployment is the term used when soldiers come home from a deployment.  This is something I just recently had the pleasure of experiencing.  This was Michael's 2nd deployment and his 3rd year long separation.  Michael has been in the army for 5 1/2 years now, with 3 years of that, at least, spent away from his family.  We've adapted well to Michael's comings and goings.  It's not to say that there aren't some hard things that come along with it, but mostly we just end up back in the same rhythm we were in before he left.  I do have a tendency, after having done everything myself for a year, wanting him to take over everything, and I have to curb that want a bit, but I'd say now, after the 3rd separation we have home-comings down to a science.

I think part of it was before he came home we talked about what I would expect from him when he came home, and he told me what he'd like to ease into and things like that.  We didn't do that the first time around, but now with 4 kids, and our house and not having to move almost immediately I thought it was important to try and make it clear between us what we both would want or like *before* he came home.

I think it's worked quite well too.  There's been a little stress, adjusting to there being two of us, but its not been too bad, and really, in the long run, looking at the big picture I'm just happy to have someone to share all my problems, stresses, and parenting with again.