27 September 2009

36 weeks

I turned 36 weeks yesterday.  I have 1 more week until I can have Willow and she's not considered premature, it'll also mark the place where my midwife will attend the birth and I won't have to go to the hospital to have her!  We have almost everything ready.  We have just a few more things to buy for the birth, like a plastic drop cloth, and some overnight pads (which will be very helpful).  Can't get any of this till payday though.  Lacking in funds.  But, yay for Michael being in the Army for 4 years, that was a slight pay raise and then on October 1st he gets pinned for Sgt!  I'm so proud of him and this promotion was a long time coming!  

So back to Willow and me.  My right hip is killing me, Willow is pushing down ALOT and I'm feeling SO much pressure now not only when I go upstairs, but all the time, when I'm walking.  Moving around, sitting, laying down all of it's painful and the pressure!  Ugh, I don't remember being in this much pain from the pressure with the other 3!  It's crazy!

I'm to the point where I'm not sleeping, so I just feel crappy, and i'm having contractions, real and BH constantly throughout the day and night and they take my breath away if I don't start feeling them at first.  Gee, maybe this was the part of pregnancy I hated???

But, not too much longer and I can have her, no matter what by next month I'll have a new beautiful little girl and that's what matters most!