10 September 2009

It's been a long day.  The days seem to be getting longer as this pregnancy progresses.  It's partly because I'm at the end of the pregnancy and it's exhausting to be this huge and having to walk up stairs every time I have to pee which is pretty much all the time, but also because I've been having trouble sleeping.  My body is now producing the relaxin hormone and because of that my hips are spreading some and it hurts!  It's mostly on my right side, and if I lay on my right side for too long I end up barely able to walk on my right leg the next morning.  Because of all this my most constant thought throughout the day is "I can have her as early as 3 weeks 2 days from now"!

She's so low now that I can feel her pushing down when I walk up the stairs, and whenever I have any contraction, real or BH.  I'm having at least 1 real contraction a day now and several BH.  I'm looking forward to not being pregnant anymore.  I love the feeling of a baby inside me, but I'm getting pretty miserable now.