08 September 2009


Today Obama is addressing the public school children.  The message itself isn't bad, nor does it seem to have any political agenda which is great.  It's mostly, stay in school, work hard and you can achieve things.  All an awesome message, however, teachers were also given instructions on what they can talk about afterwards.  I have an issue with this "discussions" as it's asking the students what they think they should do for their president, what he's asking them to do and what will they do for their president.  Last I checked we didn't work for the president but he worked for us.  We should ask what we can do to make our country better, not help our president out.  That right there is what I have an issue with.  My children will not be subjected to it however, as we do not have cable and I homeschool.  I would like to see how it plays out though, and if any real liberal agenda is pushed into the speech on his own.....