07 September 2009

I would honestly like to know how someone can say that an unborn child is not a child, say that they can be aborted, that's it's the mother's choice and then turn around and say that the mother cannot choose the way she gives birth.

If you have never been you should really visit here:  they just had an blog about some woman forced into c-sections.  Court ordered.  The unborn child was declared a "ward of the state" and the rights of the unborn child were placed above the rights of the mother to choose not to have a major abdominal surgery.

We can't have it both ways right?  Either the unborn child has rights, or it doesn't!  Since at this stage it's completely legal to have an abortion at any trimester than I don't think the court should have any way to uphold the rights of the child, because if the mother chooses to she can abort the child up until it's born, so she should also be allowed to choose the way the baby is born because her "rights" as a mother are more important, or at least according to the laws on abortion they are.

Just some food for thought.

By the way, here's the direct link for the blog where several women were forced into having unneccesarians.