01 October 2009

I am almost 37 weeks and I'm tired of being pregnant!  I know I know a few more weeks and it'll be all be over but ugh.  I'm so uncomfortable.  I know everyone gets this way at the end, well most people anyways.  

I'm ready though to meet my newest child, not just for the end of pregnancy.  Plus with her being posterior her limbs are all stretching out the front of me and it hurts!!!  Not even Jade caused me this much pain and she was posterior also.  I don't know if it's cause she is probably smaller than Willow will be or what but I guess it doesn't matter because I can't really change anything.

I was all set to write more, but I think it'll have to wait, the kids are begging for attention and Steven definitely needs a nap now.  Plus I've been having some fun contractions all day so I think I may just go lay down shortly.