05 September 2009

Today i am 33 weeks pregnant.  Only 7 weeks until my due date and 4 weeks until I'm considered full term.  I'm starting to have more "real" contractions then BH but they are still far apart in time but the contractions are getting more intense and are definitely pushing Willow down.

I got a hold of my sister on Thursday.  I've been very concerned about her.  She's in a relationship that I don't think is very healthy, but there's nothing I can do about it.  She's an adult.  I did ask her though if she'd like to come stay with me for two weeks and be here for the birth and she said yes and so we're both really excited about it!  Now I just need to figure out when my Mom is going to be able to come up here.

I'm getting tired and I'm so excited to be at the end of this pregnancy, I just keep repeating to myself that it's almost over!!!  No more after this, yay!  She is definitely running out of room inside, and keeps pushing her butt up in my ribs and clawing at my cervix.  Not sure I'm going to miss that specific part really.  The moving around sure, because it is a neat feeling but not the pain associated with it.

We're going to hopefully go shopping soon for all the supplies I'm going to need for the birth and I'm going to need to buy the birth kit soon!