20 September 2009

Today was just.....yea.

and I'm really starting to hate the state of Ga. Okay well maybe not all of it, I do like peaches, they are pretty yummy. Being here has just been one bad thing after another. Plus, Michael was gone for over 5 hours today and didn't help me at all in the bottom to get things ready for the birth. I'm 35 weeks pregnant I NEED to have a place ready to give birth. I can't move all the boxes so I NEED his help. He spent most of his time at his granny's being told we're horrible parents for not vaccinating Steven or Willow. I'm tired of hearing it from them. Seriously. We are adults and have done our research and have made our informed choice. We are NOT against vaccinations. I think that coming up with vaccines is a good and worthy cause but I do not think the vaccines we have out today are completely safe either. I feel the same about all the medicines out there. You have to weigh the risks and benefits and choose which one you feel the most comfortable with. We don't feel that our kids are at a high enough risk at this point to vaccinate them. If we were to be stationed overseas, or in Korea especially then you can bet we'd be getting them fully vaccinated. It's just so frustrating being told that because we're so "young" we don't know anything. Well you know what, when do we become "old" enough to know things then? Because I can bet you that when I'm in my 50's and 60's I'll still believe that kids are overwhelmed with vaccines. Although maybe when I'm that old I'll be able to see more of the long term effects of the vaccines we're overloading our children with. I'm also tired of hearing that parents who choose not to vaccinate are irresponsible or are "abusing" their children. I don't think that people who allow their children to be injected with heavy metals and known carcinogens are abusing their children so who are they to judge us? I think this whole debate is stupid. Do what you feel is best for you and your children and just make sure you're making an informed decision and not just what "they" say is best!