06 September 2009

I've often wondered how people can separate themselves so completely from their husband's job when their husband is in the army.  I've read many people who talk about living off post, having standard so they can see civilian doctor's and such but really how can you separate?  Does it really separate you enough to be happy?  

I feel like in order to get anything out of the career my husband has chosen we have to live the lifestyle in return.  I knew when he signed on the dotted line that I would be sacrificing a lot, and I have.  I've sacrificed school opportunities, holidays and birthdays with my husband.  I've been a single mom to my kids for over 2 1/2 years of the 4 he's been in, not counting FTX's and other trainings.  

I have never though, in all of these sacrifices felt like I have given myself up.  I'm still me, with my own beliefs and passions.  I sew, and read, and go out with my friends when I'm able to.  Even being a mommy now hasn't changed who I am.  I've never allowed myself to be lost so I'm not just "S----'s wife" or "James, Jade, Steven's Mommy".  I'm Crystal and all that that entails.

So, I signed up for the sacrifices and I feel that it's okay to be immersed and take advantage of all that the army offers us for these sacrifices. I enjoy the free healthcare, shopping on post and having no tax, having different services available for free, or little to no cost.  I think that with my husband's choice of career it's great to be immersed.

Although I do think that the Army could really better housing for the lower enlisted, we have families too, and we would like to live in decent housing that has enough actual space for our family.  A 4 bedroom with only 1000 sq ft doesn't cut it.