08 March 2011

The Wedding.

This was taken on March 30, 2005.  Michael and I had just gotten married, out in Orlando in Michael's grandfather's backyard.  This was completely unplanned, and I was still in a little bit of shock really that Michael even agreed to what originally was a joke.

We had agreed in January that we wanted to get married, that it was pretty much inevitable at this point.  We were getting along great, we had a great family and we already acted like we were married.  We knew we wanted more children too, so we decided to get married in June, and we'd start trying for more kids a little bit before that.  Turns out we got pregnant in February, as soon as my mini pill prescription ran out.  Like right away.  It was not planned that way, I had actually been hoping to get pregnant in May or June really.  We thought it would take a couple of months to get pregnant, but I think God had other plans for our family.  So we found out we were expecting Jade at the end of March, a few days before this.  I was planning on going back on medicaid just for my pregnancy because my OB didn't take my insurance, and he was too expensive to pay out of pocket.  he only took medicaid for established patients, and I was on it with James.  We had actually just gotten James off of medicaid and put him on Michael's insurance.  Michael had a day off, so we decided to get our marriage licence then head over and get me on medicaid afterwards. While we were there we were talking to the clerk, telling her how Michael was joining the army soon, how I insisted we'd be married first, and how we had just found out we were expecting baby #2 and that we were kind of in shock since our baby was only 7 months.  The clerk informed us that the judge had no appt.'s at the moment and since I was pregnant we could get pregnant immediately.  I jokingly turned to Michael and said "Hey, wonder if your grandfather is busy, he could marry us right now".  I was joking, seriously, I never wanted to just jump up and get married, I wanted the wedding.  However, Michael got his phone out, and called up his grandfather as I was explaining to the confused clerk that his grandfather was a Bishop.  Apparently Bishop Dormen was not busy and was willing to marry us, so Michael informed me that we would be getting married that day.  Michael, I've been told wanted to get us married right away before I could change my mind.  Which is funny, because I went along with it while he was willing because I figured he would eventually change HIS mind on getting married.

Michael called his parents, who immediately took off work and met us out in Orlando at his grandfather's house.  We discussed how marriage is an important commitment, not to be taken lightly, and were we sure we wanted to marry each other and then we went outdoors to do the very simple ceremony.  I wish my parents could have been there, but there was just no way to make it happen.  I did have my inlaws there though, Bill, Teresa, and my sil Jamie, plus our son James.  I didn't have any doubts as I said my vows to Michael.  I've wanted to be his wife for as long as I can remember.

We still planned our wedding on June 19, 2005, so I could have the wedding I wanted, in my church.  We had Pastor Dave and Bishop Dormen do the ceremony and we invited family and friends to join us.  Most people weren't even aware that we were already married, but that's okay. It was beautiful, at least the pictures seem like it, honestly I don't remember a whole lot of it past how handsome Michael was and how hung over.

I was so proud of Michael too, because the previous day Michael graduated from high school.  Given all the problems Michael has had, this was a huge accomplishment and I'm still proud that even though so many things were against him, with his disabilities, he continued to strive to be the best he can be. My husband is amazing.

I know that I will love this man forever, and already I'm sure we've outlasted some of the bets that were placed on how long we'll stay together and I know we'll outlast them all.  Michael and I are committed to each other and our relationship.  We'll be married for 6 years this year, and we've been together for 13 1/2 years.  We've past through the worst of it I think, and I know we've only got good times ahead.  I know that it won't all be peaches and roses, but I do know that I've got my best friend on my side, and I can make it through anything as long as I have him and his support!