20 March 2011

The Love Dare Day 5

Today's dare is about being rude.  The chapter talks about being considerate to your spouse.  The dare asks us to ask our spouse 3 things that we do that irritate them and to not attack or justify any of the behaviors.

I asked Tara's opinion since I cannot ask Michael and because he tends not to tell me anyways, so the three I've decided are:

  • Nagging, about anything
  • Being bossy, usually about money, and generally just getting on to him about how much money he spends
  • Constantly worrying and not having faith that things will work out, and just being negative in general

It then asks how we plan to improve on these.  My goal, to fix the above is to try and be more patient, to trust in my husband more, and to start going over the budget weekly to allow Michael to see just where all our money is going.