25 March 2011

The Love Dare Day 10

Today's chapter talked about 3 kinds of love, friendship, sexual and unconditional.  It's about making the choice to be in love, even if your spouse doesn't show you the same love back.  It's the kind of love God shows us.  I feel that I'm already there, with Michael, and he with me.  We've both seen the worst of each other and we've worked through it.  Our dare today was to do something for our spouse to show our unconditional love.  The suggestions the chapter gave I do anyways, so I went ahead and used cleaning up as one.  I also maintain our house while my husband is gone, and taking care of our bills.  I raise and teach our children, and part of that is out of love for our entire family.  I wake up every morning with a desire to serve my family in the best ways I know how, and make it the best it can be.  I chose to be with my husband, and love him on a daily basis.  Of course Michael makes it pretty easy the majority of the time, but even when I'm upset at him I still love him.