21 March 2011

The Love Dare Day 6

Todays dare is talking about the stresses that can cause irritability and how to release ourselves from the things that can make us irritable so that we can respond with love to tough situations rather than reacting in a negative manner.

Some of the questions ask "When have you recently overreacted?" and "What was your real motivation behind it?" and "Where do you need to add margin to your life?"

Honestly, I don't know how to answer the first two questions.  The last time Michael and I had a fight it was about how to spend our time when he gets home.  Because of my back I have a hard time on long trips, and I'd rather not take long trips, but Michael wants to drive long distances, and I'm also concerned about accommodations and the money issues that come along with that. My motivation behind it is comfort mostly.  I have considered Michael's views on the matter, and I wish I could be comfortable doing what Michael wants, but I'm not entirely.  We'll obviously talk about it more once Michael gets home, and more than likely I will give into what Michael wants because I like making him happy.

Where I could add margin in my life, that's a tough one.  I could honestly use help with housework, as being fully responsible for all the housework (with minimal help from the children) and being fully responsible for their schooling leaves me little time for myself, and so either I, or the housework end up lacking.  This is something that stresses me greatly.