13 April 2010

I'm not sure how much more I can take....

Michael is officially deployed.  I've started my countdown, got my donut of misery up and running at its measly 1%.  It sucks.  Even more so I went down here to Florida, to be away from the pain and heartache, to escape from reality for a little bit.  I was excited, my Mom was finally home, I could spend some time with her, she was doing better, eating sleeping, and now...and now.  She had 2 seizures in front of me.  She was barely coherent when they took her away on the ambulance.  Now they don't know what's going on and if she's going to get better from this new setback.

If it's not one thing its another.  I would really like to talk to Michael right now, in fact my first instinct was to call him, and I tried, but of course I couldn't.  I'm scared for my Mom, and for Michael.  I'm just right now concentrating on trying to be strong for my kids.

This all just sucks!