18 April 2010

Health Care

With this new healthcare bill being pushed through and fine tuned now I've had a lot of thoughts.  I had been hoping that congress would have been smart enough to listen to the majority of the people, knowing this was NOT what we wanted but they ignored the cries of the people.  I believe in healthcare reform, don't get me wrong, but I do not want to be, or anyone else to be pushed into buying health care.  I don't believe in socialism and I don't think it's my personal responsibility, or anyone else's to pay for all the people who cannot afford healthcare.  I think health care would be more affordable if we encouraged more free market tactics with the existing private insurance companies.  Instead of being state to state, allow them to cross state lines, create more competition, that's what drives prices down, not government control.  That's going to drive prices up, and when we don't have the money to pay for the medical services the government will then decide what they think are the procedures you're allowed to have.  It's not going to give us more freedom, or better healthcare, in fact, the opposite.  Who is going to want to be a doctor when they have to accept patients from a bankrupt government? There's a reason that even now so many doctors won't take medicaid or medicare, because they have to fight to get paid!

I also do not want to be told who I can see, or what procedures I am allowed to have.  I already have that problem with Tricare.  I wanted a homebirth and Tricare told me no, they won't cover it, even though it would be cheaper on them then it would have been if I had gone to a hospital.  It'll be the same under mass government insurance.

It is also unconstitutional to force the nation to buy anything, and yet, if you do not buy private, or government health insurance you'll be fined.  How is this okay?   How is this NOT taking away our freedom to choose for ourselves what we want?  I would honestly rather eliminate the need for insurance and pay out of pocket for all my medical needs, I'm already doing a lot of that anyways.  I don't like the doctors on post, and would rather my kids have a natural health doctor, or a chiropractor as their PCM and I would rather see my awesome midwife than go to an OB when I'm pregnant and both of these have to be paid out of pocket as it stands.

I honestly cannot see how anyone could have support this massive drain on our already failing economy and support taking away even more of our freedoms.