08 April 2010

Are you an ostrich?

I think this is what I'm going to start calling those extremist liberals who think that Obama is doing *so* great for our country.  I'm just going to talk about the economy right now, there's much more I could talk about but I don't want this to go on forever, so I'll just stick to one thing.

Are you an ostrich?  Do you stick your head in the sand so you won't see the truth of what's going on?  Were we not told that with Obama in office that we would know exactly what was going on at all times, that nothing would be done in secret?  That we would be informed Americans?  I remember that horrible lie of a speech don't you?  And yet.  Here we are with a 2400 page health care bill (which not all of it deals with the new health care plan) and do you know what all is in it?  Did congress when they passed it?  I doubt it.  

I heard so many people say how this will be better, everyone will have health care.  Yea.  Only now everyone has the government to tell them what they can do with their health care, but oh wait, wasn't that one of the complaints Americans had about the insurance companies, that they dictated what you could and could not do with your doctors?  Now the government will do it instead of the insurance company.  Oh joy!  

Also, how are we going to pay for this when we're already so much in debt?  Just taxing the rich is not going to work.  They are going to have to tax the middle and poor people.  Everyone who complained about Bush now has their heads in the sand...."oh it's not that bad".....right, and the fact that Obama has spent 3 TIMES MORE than what Bush did in his EIGHT years in office is nothing right?  Obama has been in office how long?  Oh yea, only TWO YEARS and yet he's spent 3 times more than Bush did the entire time he was in can that be okay?  Why are we tax payers also paying for Michele Obama to have the millions of aides she has?  She doesn't need that many!

This was supposed to be a bipartisan effort right?  Obama said he was going to try and bring the two parties together to work on things together, and yet deceit was used to pass this healthcare bill.  Make the beginning look amazing and great so it'll pass, put the stuff you wouldn't actually want in the last 2399 pages....

So if this was such a GREAT bill, and we would all want this then why do we STILL not know anything about it?  Why are we going to be taxed now for something we can't even use yet?  And if it's SO great why doesn't the president, or congress want to use it too?

Did you know that to begin with it wouldn't have considered Tricare recipients covered?  Yea, the gov't already provides me with insurance, but that isn't enough control, I could have been covered, yea.  

How about the wonderful home visits for families.  What happened to having the freedom to make your own choices about your family?  I do my research.  I have damn good reasons to not vaccinate my children, or send them to public school.  But what happens when the people they send to do these home visits decide that they know what's better for my kids than I do?  

Who gives them that right?  Oh yea, we did when we elected these idiots into office so they could control our lives.

This is NOT America.  America was NOT built on socialism, it was built on freedom from anyone's control, church or government.  Remember how oppressed people were by England and the church over there?  Isn't that what our fore fathers fought against?  Yet, we're allowing the government now to oppress us.  We should stand up and say NO!

If we continue to stick our heads in the sand things are only going to get worse around us.