24 April 2010

I have an issue

I have an issue, and my issue is this.  I'm tired of being called racist if I don't like Obama.  Trust me when I say that the color of his skin as nothing to do with why I don't like him, as a person or a president.  I don't even get why people are playing the race card, he's not even completely black or white, he's both.  So by saying you don't like his race, you're halfway saying you don't like your own.

What I dislike about Obama, let me count the ways.  One, he's arrogant.  Oh yes, he talks pretty, but pretty words don't mean anything if you don't stand behind them.  Sure Obama's "changing" things, but are they really for the better of America?  He's changing things into socialism.  I mean, sure I guess that's great if you want a socialistic society, but I honestly don't.  I don't see what was wrong with our constitution to begin with so yes I'm going to get angry when a president comes in and continues to change our country towards socialism.  Socialism does not work and I don't want my kids growing up, learning to work hard and provide for themselves and being forced to provide for those that refuse to!  I want my kids growing up in a land where hard work and perseverance is exalted and praised!

Back to Obama's arrogance, and how about his disdain for this great country?  He's more than once apologized for us.  I don't think he had a right to do that. and honestly, if you felt like he did, what are you doing in a country you don't like anyways?  Find one that would better suit your needs!  Obama shows reverence to our enemies, countries that harbor terrorists and give weapons to said terrorists and somehow this is okay?  Then he insults our allies....I just don't see the appeal in Obama.  He says we're not a Christian nation, but that is what the puritans founded our country on, Christian, or at least God's values.  Maybe not Christ, but we are a religious nation, and the ideals of our forefathers sure did look Christian, but I guess maybe that's a coincidence.

I also do not believe that just because he is the president, and because my husband is military that I should be forced to just accept what is happening.  So many people bashed Bush, said they wouldn't follow him, were ridiculously stupid toward him and then told us that they could, because they were American and had that right, but now that Obama is in office apparently us conservatives are not afforded the same right.  I for one never stated that you had to follow Bush, or that you didn't have the right to protest.  So I expect the same courtesy now that I feel the need to protest our country turning to socialism.  No one, should be able to force me to provide for anyone who is not of my family, without my permission or say so.  If I want to donate money, I will, but it will be to a cause of MY choosing.

So, in conclusion of this very everywhere blog, trust me when I say it is NOT Obama's race I'm against, get me a very intelligent COMPETENT man or woman of any color and I will vote for them!  I would have voted for Condoleeza Rice, so trust me, it is NOT his race!