26 October 2009

My Home Birth

I woke up Sunday morning around 6:30 and noticed that I was starting to spot, didn't think a whole lot of it at first, but when I wiped there was more mucous plug and more bloody show.  I was having contractions about every 15-20 min and they were definitely labor contractions.  I made Michael get up and make me eggs :)  So around 8am I went ahead and texted my midwife about what was going on and let her know I'd call if something was up.  She called around 10am to see how things were going and I told her I was still having bloody show and contractions and they were now 6-7 min apart but that I was definitely not in active labor yet.  She said to call her at 12 to update her if nothing happened sooner.  I started getting discouraged then because my contractions, while they were real and doing things they slipped back to about every 20-25 min between 10 and 12.  At 12, since it was cold outside and that's the only place our reception works downstairs Michael went out to call her.  I was still laboring and was using the side of the bed to lean on during contractions while kneeling on the floor.  While Michael was on the phone with her my contractions kicked up gear and I entered active labor.  I could no longer move or talk through the contractions. I had been about to tell Michael to tell her to go ahead and wait another two hours or so, but she heard me and said she was on her way.  Jo Anne showed up about 10 min later and started getting set up, and Christine (my midwife) showed up about 15 min later, she had gotten stuck in traffic for a bit.  I got in the tub not long after they got it all set up, It was probably about 1pm.  I was amazed at how much the pain lessened just by being in the warm water.  I labored in the water leaning up against the edge of the tub while Christine and Michael took turns putting water on my lower back with a cup.  I don't remember having a real transition, my contractions were very irregular during the entire thing.  There were times that the contractions were right on top of each other, and then there were times I'd have a min or two to catch my breath before the next contraction would come on.  I remembered thinking I must have hours to go because it just wasn't painful enough, but still noting that I could feel her moving down into the birth canal.  I felt like I was in way too much control to be that close, but sure enough it was really too long after getting in the tub that I felt the need to push.  I just went with it.  It was very hard, and very painful and I didn't want to do it either, but at the same time I'm so amazed at it!  Michael got in the tub with me, and I leaned on his legs while I pushed leaning back slightly at times and sometimes on all fours.  Christine coached me to slow down sometimes and did perineal massage on me and kept me from tearing.  Willow had a hand up by her chin so it was VERY hard to push but I managed to get her out in about 5 or 6 real good pushes and a couple of small cough pushes.  Christine caught her and handed her to Michael (I stood up for the last push) and then I got to sit down and stare and my little girl!  I thought she looked SO tiny and beautiful!  Tiny she was not but she looked it to me!  I got out of the tub about 5 or so min after, and delivered the placenta as I was getting out of the tub, and then I got to rest for a little bit on the bed and try and nurse.  The rest of it was kind of a blur, I know I got to shower after a bit and then I spent a great deal of time just staring at Willow while resting on the bed.

So Willow Rose entered the world after 2 1/2 hours of active labor on October 25, 2009 at 2:36pm.  9lbs 5oz and 22 3/8 inches long!

The difference I had with this birth and the hospital births is amazing!  I feel amazing!  We're both doing really great and she's nursing like a pro already!