04 October 2009

I turned 37 weeks yesterday.  I'm trying very hard to get things ready for our new arrival who could come any time now, and yet everything that needs to be done now requires me to have help.

My help at the moment is asleep on the couch because he slept for almost 4 hours yesterday at the end of the day and then stayed awake into extremely late last night so now he probably won't want to wake up for another hour or so and so my whole morning is shot.  

The kids woke me up this morning being extremely loud.  When I asked them to please go in the other room and play quietly so I could get a little more sleep since I woke up exhausted and all I was bombarded with "daddy said I could do this, daddy said I could do that".  Ugh, like I care what Daddy in his sleep deprived state, I need sleep!  How am I going to deliver a baby if I don't get enough rest or have anything done???

Yesterday all I wanted to do was have Michael check the damn outlet to see if we needed to call maintenance or the lady to fix the problem with our dryer, and then I wanted to go grocery shopping so I could walk around some and to get the rest of the things we need for the birth so i can feel settled.  Then today I wanted to get laundry done with our working dryer (cause it would have been fixed) but I can't do anything today because Michael didn't help me accomplish what I wanted to be done yesterday.  I have no clue how to check outlets, so I can't do that on my own and even if I did know how I couldn't move the dryer out of the way, and I can no longer drive because my stomach sticks out way too much in the front so I can't even go shopping by myself.

I'm just so frustrated now!