05 October 2009


I have no clue how next year, when I have to declare James for homeschooling how I'm going to do that when I can't seem to stretch their school time out more than an hour at this point. I'm supposed to keep attendance for them and they are supposed to do 4 hours of school a day but it's just not feasible with them. (I'm talking real sit down doing work school). Guess I'll just count in all the other times we go over things or the kids ask questions about things (they do that a lot). It just seems ridiculous! My 3, almost 4 year old daughter just today read the word "nut". All on her own too. I am so impressed by them, and yet the longest we've had school this year in the past 8 weeks was 65 min, most of the time it's around 35-40 minutes long. They are quick learners. Oh well, I'll figure it out I'm sure. So my parents are planning on being here around the 14/15th. I'm excited. I told Mom that she might want to wait until closer to the 39th week mark because that's around when i think I'm going to have her, and that I'd just keep her up to date on what's going on. I have no clue though, this pregnancy is turning out to be way different than my other ones. Last Thursday I started having about a contraction an hour, so I figured yay, something familiar, but it was just that day. The past couple of days I've had contractions sporadically. It's hard for me because I like knowing what's going on and I don't. I feel like I should know more, it's not like I'm a first time Mom this is my 4th child! Oh and this was funny to me, given my support of breastfeeding and all the things I've said that could offend someone when it comes to the whole breastfeeding/formula feeding debate, I managed to offend someone by saying that I couldn't understand how someone could give their child formula because it smells. Really? I've said MUCH worse things about formula (not in that particular post on cafemom, but in general) and someone gets offended because I said it smells? Well it does! Then they came back with the argument that they've never seen a difference in the health of a ff baby and a bf baby. Yea, well I see it all the time. My husband was breastfed and I was formula fed. I'm sick A LOT (which may or may not be from being formula fed) but if you look at my kids, the healthiest one of us is Steven. He's had like 2 fevers and the sniffles in his whole life. He breastfed until 18 months and he's also the only one of us NOT vaccinated and yet he's the healthiest..... I just don't understand how someone can get offended by me saying formula smells.....oh well, can't please everyone.