20 June 2012

Today was a good day.

Today I found out a close friend of mine is also pregnant!  She's due around the same time I am also, which makes it hard for us to be each other's support but I'm super excited for her as well!

I got my prenatal vitamins in the mail today, yup I buy my vitamins online.  They are called Rainbow Light, and I chose them because there's no crap in them.  They also have Red Raspberry leaf and ginger in them, which should not only help with preparing my uterus for labor, but the ginger might help with morning sickness.  Oh and it's got probiotics too which is a major plus for me!

We only got one lesson of school done today, instead of school because I needed to go grocery shopping but we should get two done tomorrow.

I also plan on taking the kids to Barnes&Nobles tomorrow so I can exchange a manga I bought online, because I bought the wrong volume.  I'm hoping they'll let me exchange it for one I don't have yet.  Then if the kids are good tomorrow, really hoping they are, I'll be buying them each a book.  Because I don't think kids can ever have too many books.  Neither can I actually!

I have been super exhausted today, I'm hoping that won't be a regular thing, I have way too much I have to do during the day with school and cleaning.  I've been able to keep up with everything since Michael left two weeks ago, I don't want to be brought down by this!

I need to get on posting my homeschooling schedule and photos of the kids new curriculum!  I have it on facebook, just need to download the pics and upload them here.