22 June 2012

Today I went to EAMC

I went to self-referral and told them I was pregnant.  They asked me if I'd had the blood test yet.  I said no, so that's the only thing I got done there today.  Of course it turned out I'm pregnant according to them too. ;)

Next week, on Wednesday (the day before I turn 5 weeks) I'll go back to EAMC and do my intake appointment and they'll do my prenatal labs and give me all the info on Trinity, of course I don't need it,but I won't be telling them that.  It'll just be easier on all of us not to.

I got my maternity clothes from Old Navy yesterday.  I love them too, and I'm looking forward to getting to wear them!  I love maternity clothes and I love the way I look when I'm pregnant.

All my girl cousins' are in Nashville right now.  I miss them and I really wish I could be there with them.  It just wasn't in the cards.  They look like they are having an awesome time though and I'm loving the pictures that they are posting on facebook!

So this weekend, we don't have a lot to do tomorrow, I want to do some school with the kids, and at some point make a trip out to Barnes & Nobles to hopefully exchange a manga and then I promised the kids some books.  I want James to get chapter books, and I'd prefer Jade gets a chapter book too, but James is going to start doing book reports in 3rd grade so I want him to get used to reading longer books.  I'm glad that my kids are so interested in reading.  It makes me happy.

On Sunday we're going to go over to Michael's aunt Theresa and Uncle Kenny's house and we're going to spend the day playing outside and in their pool!  I'm really looking forward to it!  I think it'll be a fun day!