17 June 2012

Things going on in my life, which, if you're not at all interested in me may seem quite boring but here they are.

I recently did a facebook friends purge.  I was very upset to do it, because I hate losing friends, but for about a month now several people (as in more than one) were sharing information from my facebook.  Well, what's the big deal you ask? It's social media right, it's meant to be shared.  Well yes, of course it is.  To a point.  But when it's used to completely slander a person, when a post is copied and pasted, instead of shared in the correct manner, and you are then made fun of as the copy and pasted post is posted on the wall of someone who hates you, well that's just overboard and pointless drama making.  I detest drama.  After I removed said person from my friends list, I found out it was still happening.  Without a sure method of finding out who was now sharing my info, I ended up just purging my list of all who it might have been, and their close friends.  I did the close friends mostly because I thought it would cause less drama.  No one would have to try and choose sides and such.  I apparently was wrong, but there's no going back now and I once again feel safer posting on my facebook wall.

Homeschooling is going well, although long past the time I wanted our school year to go.  We're, as I speak, working on lesson 117.  The bad thing about having to "make up" time is that we end up doing lessons all weekend as well as throughout the week in an effort to get the school year over with.  I'm really hoping to try and get it over with by the time we're going to drive down to FL for James's birthday, but I'm not sure if we will.  There's a 170 lessons total, and I'm only trying for one lesson at least on the weekends, and two lessons a day throughout the week.  We have 53 lessons to go.  If we managed to do two lessons a day, every day it'd take 28 days.  Not too bad, as we have 35 days until our birthday.  I'm not sure when we're going to head down to FL though. 

Pregnancy related.  I honestly did not think it would happen.  The timing was sooooo off that I was pretty much convinced we wouldn't get pregnant and we'd lose our window to have more kids.  Apparently God had other plans. :)  I am so early though, and while I've pretty much told everyone BUT my husband I'm hopeful this pregnancy will stick.  I've just felt that God had more plans for our family.  More children ready and waiting to be added.  Our family is looking forward to the new addition we'll have, and hopefully so will my husband if he'll ever call me!

For those that don't know, my husband left for Korea June 6th.  He's gone for a year long hardship tour.  We'll be trying get him to do the 60 day early report to Fort Campbell, so that we can drop it down to a 10 month hardship tour, and that will have him coming back to the states (to Fort Campbell) when new baby is about (assuming baby is born close to my due date) 4-5 weeks old.  I will be in no condition to move us though at that point, more than likely, so our plans of my moving us from here to Campbell by myself, won't be happening.  I'll need Michael to drive as I still won't have had my 6 week check up and cleared to drive yet.

I think that likely catches everyone up on my doings.  I'll be adding some pictures soon of the new curriculum for the 12-13 school year, and I'll type out the plans I have.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!