16 June 2012

Here I am again.....

I'm not dead I promise.  We've had a lot going on this year already!  Moving from one house on post to another, finding out that my husband was going to Korea, sending him off, and now we're busy trying to play "catch up" with school from the time we had to take off to move!

Now we have another big announcement!

Looks like our family will be expanding! :)

We're looking forward to it!  I've always wanted a large family and God has blessed me greatly with the children he's sent me.  I'm planning another home birth, and I'll be attempting to not find out the sex this time around.

As for guesses, I'm guessing to go into labor on February 26, 2013, in the afternoon, probably around 2:00 or so, it'll be a girl and she'll be around 10lbs. :)

Looking forward to updating on this coming school year, if we can ever finish out this school year, and on my pregnancy!