21 June 2012

4 weeks

I am officially 4 weeks today!  I really cannot explain how happy and excited I am to be pregnant!

I took this only 10 days past ovulation.  I had gotten a very very very faint line the day before and the morning before taking this digital test.  To be honest I was surprised to get a positive, and to get it as quickly as I did.  I'd say it took somewhere between 30-45 seconds for this positive to pop up!

So I learned I was expecting SUPER early.  I had a cute idea on how to tell my husband too.....although he didn't get on facebook when I thought he would so pretty much everyone found out before he did, and I wasn't able to tell him he was going to be a daddy.....again......until the day after Father's Day.  That's okay though he was excited and shocked.  We were so sure it wasn't going to happen!  The timing was just off.  He's also pretty convince this baby will be a girl!

So here's my 4 week picture, yes I know I look fat, sue me I have 4 kids already so it's hard to get off all that baby belly!

I'm going to go next week to EAMC to do my first intake with the hospital.  I'll go there, get in the system, get my 20 week ultrasound and then I won't go back.  They'll at least have my records for the pregnancy though in case of a transfer.  I'm going to make an appointment to see Christine when we get back from FL. I'll be about 8 weeks then.