24 December 2010

Reflections, Religious in nature.

The muse has hit I think as I've been wanting to write more often.  I don't normally write like this, I don't usually have the time either, but I've had some compulsion wanting me, and forcing me to bring my thoughts down on, well data, no longer paper.

I blame Tara.  Her love for writing I think renewed my interest in it.  I am not even half as good as she is with words, but still meaningful in their own way.

I just got back from Target, it was on my way home that this idea came to me.  Driving down 528, with the heat on my feet and the window down, feeling the cool air blow on me.  Watching the cars go by, looking at the beautiful, clear Florida sky, and the trees as I passed them, it got me thinking.  How beautiful is our world?  It's Christmas Eve, one of my favorite times of year.  It's not my favorite because of the presents, or the joy I get in watching my kids open presents from Santa, but because we celebrate the birth of the greatest man in history.

I feel that I'm fairly logical in nature.  I'm not a science enthusiast by any means, but there are certain things in science I enjoy.  I prefer to look at facts, then personal opinions on things.  I like dealing with facts, they are unchangeable.  I started thinking about the facts surrounding Jesus's birth, life and death.  Facts that cannot be changed, that prove who he was.  Thinking logically, you cannot deny what he did.  The only thing that is based on opinion is on how, and if He is who He said He is. People recording all the miracles he performed, people who had every reason to discredit him, and yet, they recorded his good works.

One thing I love about homeschooling my kids is the ability to share with them the works of the Bible every day.  Every day we learn something new about God, Jesus and the Bible.  I can encourage their love of God and Jesus as much as they will allow me.  While I will not make their minds up for them, and will in fact encourage them to look at all the facts as they get older, I do hope that the foundation I give them now, giving them the facts that I have available, they will learn to love God as I do, and have that relationship with God that I do.

Jesus was not just some great man, He wasn't even completely a man.  He was the son of God, God himself. He IS our salvation.  Without Him, without God, we would be lost.  I have always believed in God, and although there was a short time in my life I chose to live without him, my belief in Him never perished.  There's too much proof in my life that He exists.

I don't usually make new years resolutions, however this year, my resolution is to try (because life always seems to get in the way) once a week to write about God's presence in my life for that week.  I want to write about where I saw Him in my world, or how He has affected my life.

I'm going to end with a prayer:

Father Almighty,
Thank you for the life you has provided me, for my family and friends who have brought such joy to my life.  Thank you for my children, who are wonderful gifts from you, and a testament of your love.  Lord I pray that you continue to affect my life in the positive way you've been doing, and that you continue to provide me with the tools I need in my life.  I feel grateful to you Lord, that you have been such an amazing presence in my life, that you've never left me alone even when I've turned my back on you.  Lord, I thank you a million times over for sending your Son to earth for us.  I may not be worthy, but I am blessed by your love for me.  I am amazed by the peace and calm you provide in my life, and I know that I am a better person because of your influence in my life!

In Jesus Christ name I pray.