13 January 2011

Under triple digits now

I hate this part of the deployment.  When it's SO close to being over, but it still feels SO far away.  The stress is more, for me at least.  Knowing I'll have my husband back in X months, I just want to jump up and down, scream at the top of my lungs, go crazy, and lay down and just cry. So many emotions, or fondly dubbed deploymones happening.

I've missed Michael, I always try and use our deployments or separations as a way to grow, and I think we have.  We learn new ways to communicate, bond in new ways, but I've missed the things you can only do when you have your loved one with you.  I miss holding hands while just sitting on the couch.  I miss sneaking kisses whenever we can.

So, things I'm looking forward to:
Watching the Entire series of Avatar:The Last Airbender.  Yep, I'm obsessed with it now.  I've bought a lot of the books, and will hopefully in a couple of months be able to collect all the graphic novels too.  I don't care that it's a children's cartoon, it was well made, the writing was awesome, and come on, who wouldn't like a cute little flying lemur named Momo?

I'm looking forward to having Michael home for James's birthday, he's missed so many of them.
I'm looking forward to having Michael home to help me with the kids, being able to take mini breaks occasionally, to have some one help me with cleaning on the weekends, and to cook dinner occasionally.

I miss my husband. :(