10 November 2010

We took the plunge

and the younger kids are getting vaccinated.  Well, at least Willow is.

Steven is still waiting for his allergen appt to see what he is allergic to.  Michael and I discussed this subject, a lot.  A LOT.  Neither of us is comfortable with vaccinating, I think there are too many risks in the vaccinations, vs the risk of them getting the disease, or what would happen should they get the disease.  However, there is the chance Michael would get stationed overseas, and then their risk of getting the vaccine-preventable diseases would be raised.  That is the ONLY reason we have decided to get them completely vaccinated.  Although, I still think the chicken pox vaccine is stupid.

I wish I could avoid putting those toxins in my children, but I think it'll be better to do it, then risk not being able to be with Michael later.

So, Steven has received DTaP, Hib and polio, and Willow has gotten DTap and PCV.

Willow will get more when we get back from vacation, but Steven, like I said is allergic to something in the vaccines, so we will decide more on what to do with him once we find out what he's allergic to.