04 November 2010

November 4th

With Michael here for R&R I have been bad about keeping up with the elections.  I am not too happy with Rick Scott winning gov. of FL, but I wouldn't have been happy with Sink either, I voted for the independent.

As for everything else, and the point of this blog.  I'm proud of the American people for standing up!  Pelosi is out!  I'm also amused by the reference of "ding dong the wicked witch is dead"!  I don't understand the people who voted her in!  The worst times we had during Bush's years as president were while the dems had control of congress!

My thoughts on this, because dems are for bigger gov't, more gov't control on EVERYTHING, is why?  I hear so many dems talking about how corrupt the politicians are, then WHY do you want them to be in MORE control??  That will only corrupt them even more than they already are!  We need less gov't control, freer capitalistic markets, and did I mention LESS government control?  I don't need the government to tell me how to make my money, how to spend it, how to birth, raise or educate my children!  The more control you give them on the little things, the more control they are going to take on the bigger things.

I also do not want to pay for other people to not work.  I am a charitable person, I tithe, I donate, I however do not want to be FORCED into supporting someone who just doesn't feel like they have to work because why should they?  They get everything for free not working.  I also do not want to pay for other people's health care.  There is a difference between allowing access to quality health care that you then pay for, and getting your health care paid for.  If you want "free" (cause nothing is EVER free) health care, go find a recruiter and join the military.  Give to your country, lose some of your freedoms to protect the American people, and then you'll have free healthcare.  You'll have a stable job.

What ever happened to working hard to support yourself?  When did this country start thinking that certain things were rights?  It is not your right to receive anything free.  We have the right to work for what we have, to pursue happiness, but it is not guaranteed for you, and the right to live your life in any way you please as long as it doesn't unduly affect other people.

You don't have the right to have others pay for your house, your food, your medical bills, or anything else for you.  If you need help, then ask charitable people, but you shouldn't honestly just expect others to do for you.

Most people want to help others, but so many of us are not okay with being forced into it.

And there is my rant for this morning.