26 October 2010

I am a bad blogger

I realize this.  Tara kept me busy and time went by quicker than it would have it she hadn't visited.  I'm so glad she decided to come over and stay with us for awhile.  Michael is here, for R&R.  We're over the halfway mark too, which is awesome!  When he goes back we won't have too too long.  I'm glad we did it that way.  I think the hardest part will be from January on.  There isn't a whole of things to look forward to until he comes home.

The kids are doing pretty good.  Jade is having issues with doing her school work so I adjusted the seatwork, which is what she had the most problems with.  She writes well enough, she just doesn't like to write.  James is doing very well with his school work though.  Steven is still excited about having school work to do.  He's talking in more full sentences too, which is awesome.  I credit Tara with it. :)  She's been awesome.

Willow turned 1 yesterday.  She's 29 1/4" tall now and 19lbs.  She's tall and skinny just like her daddy!  She's walking now and just got her first tooth.  It's funny cause it's an upper tooth, so I think it's just a girl thing with our family.  Jade got her top teeth first.  Willow's is her top eye tooth.  Willow is also now sleeping most of the night, which is nice.  She's sleeping in her crib now too, in her own room with Steven.  She goes to bed usually around 8pm and sleeps until around 1am, and then gets up for the day around 7-8am.

I am going to try and keep this  blog updated a little more.  Hopefully I can keep it up!