11 March 2010


This cannot be long as Willow will wake up very shortly but I had to write something.

I am completely, and totally annoyed at how many times I hear "are you concerned at all about how you're un-vaccinated children are putting others at risk for disease"???

One, my kids aren't sick, nor are they harboring any diseases, that's YOUR vaccinated children.  THEY have the diseases lurking in their bodies, or at least they should since that's the whole point of vaccinating correct?  I have more to worry about MY children being in contact with YOUR vaccinated children then you have to be worried about mine around yours.

Second, IF my kids get sick, then I have a wonderful thing called a doctor to take my kids too.  Now yes, I weakened my older children's immune systems with vaccines, but my younger two have completely healthy and NORMAL immune systems, well okay not Willow yet, but she has mine to help her out.  However, shooting something straight into the blood stream does NOT inoculate you!  Too many people think it does, but the first line of defense in your immune system is your GUT!  Not your blood, if the disease makes it to your blood stream then it's already gone too far.  So the immunity you think you're providing with vaccines does not LAST!  Because you're not introducing the disease in a way that you're body is prepared to fight.  So you're only protecting them partially, if at all. This is the reason you have to get multiple shots, because the immunity will not last because your body isn't being exposed in the way the immune system is designed to work!

I think our immune system is an amazing defense system, when we trust it to work correctly.

Would you, at any time, inject aluminum, formaldehyde, salt, sugar, or any other substance into your body? Formaldehyde is said, by the FDA to be unsafe in any amounts, and yet there's trace amounts IN vaccines.  That's right, embalming fluid is in vaccinations....yes, trace amounts, but again I state, scientists and Dr.'s both say that NO amount in your body is safe, it's a nuerotoxin.  It kills brain cells.  Um.....a little contradictory when those same Dr.'s are telling you that vaccines are safe right?  What about that trace amount of formaldehyde?  Also I will contend that individually the amount of aluminum in a single vaccine is less than we'd get from eating fresh saltwater fish.  It's not "safe" but it's not "un-safe" either.  Until you take into account that most vaccines today are combined, meaning that each of those vaccines has a "safe" amount, but having more vaccines means you're not injecting unsafe amounts of aluminum into your child.

Have you heard of the blood-brain barrier?  This barrier keeps all heavy toxins, that we ingest or is injected into us away from the brain.  Awesome right?  Well, that barrier is not fully functional until AT LEAST TWO YEARS OF AGE.  TWO.  That's at least, some kids it can take longer.  So we're injecting children with no protection of their brains, with unsafe amounts of formaldehyde and aluminum and many other chemicals and toxins (as some of the actual bacteria we're vaccinating against are also toxins) into our young children who have NO defense against it.

It's one thing to vaccinate an older child or adult, who has a better way of absorbing, excreting and protecting their brain against these things, but to inject a very young, very small infant with the same amount of toxins and chemicals you inject a much older, bigger adult with is mind-boggling to me!

So, next time you ask me if *I* am worried about *your* vaccinated children, and how my un-vaccinated children might affect them, my answer is YES, I AM worried that your vaccinated children might just INFECT my children.  But, I trust in their immune systems because they'll get to work correctly, and you're children's may not be very protected.  My children will then receive natural and LIFE LONG immunity where you're children, may even still not because their immune systems have been compromised and overwhelmed.

Where else in nature do we receive 3-4 deadly disease, viral and bacterial at ONE time?

We don't.